Beautiful Inside and Out – Bellisima Joins Four Seasons

Bellisima believes success is achieved one client at a time

Life Long Dedication

  • I have been working in the medical field for 30+ years, began my career as a nurse many moons ago. 
  • My Mom is a nurse along with several family members who also work in the medical field.
  • I have been working in Dermatology, Skin, Aesthetics since 2011. I started my advanced education at the same time, to obtain my Masters as a nurse practitioner. 
  • I wanted to go back to clinically working with patients to assist in their needs.
  • Prior to 2011, I worked in medical sales as a medical representative. I did this for many years specialized in orthopedics, total joints, spine and trauma.
  • I was on the business side of medicine, and I learned a great deal about business. 
  • I love to learn and in medicine there are always new ideas, new technologies, research, advancements to help one achieve their health goals. 

History of the Business

  • Honestly I always had a desire in the back of my mind to have my own business. 
  • Working as a nurse practitioner for owners, physicians, was disappointing as their self interests were on the forefront. 
  • I knew the risks and pressures were far greater on my shoulders owning my own business. I wanted to have autonomy to be able to provide the kind of care I felt patients deserved.  
  • I drew up my LLC in the Fall of 2018, began working at my own business part-time, the summer of 2019. 
  • I began it full time August of 2021. 


  • I am passionate about what I do as I love to help others achieve their goals and feel great about themselves. 
  • I love learning and there is so much as I said previously about our health that I want to continue to learn, increase my knowledge and improve. 
  • I want to share that knowledge with my clients so they too can better themselves. 
  • I think we all deserve and desire to live healthy fulfilling lives.

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