KnewEra Partnership

We are constantly evaluating our business, our skills, the changing needs of our members, and identifying areas where we are deficient. We do this so that we may find partners to ensure we don’t leave needs unmet. To meet the changing landscape of our 55+ population we are pleased to announce our partnership with KnewEra Insurance. KnewEra provides many services and as Medicare experts is perfectly positioned to and has been assisting our membership with navigating the insurance enrollment process. Four Seasons is proud of our relationship and looks forward to the future with another highly reputable partner.

KnewEra’s driving purpose is to be the trusted licensed community partner that is with you year-after-year. It’s a life commitment to serving by helping individuals and their families with healthcare, 401 (k), and end of life planning.
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Four Seasons Health Club’s mission statement is ‘To improve the lives of those that live in the communities in which we operate’.

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