Macho Bean Kitchen Opening!

Four Seasons announced today that its Central campus café will open its doors on 5 May after several months of being closed after the retirement of Mike (Mike’s Café).

Macho Bean Kitchen is a collaboration of two talented young women. Kenna and Yazmin bring their high energy not only into the kitchen but also the dining room where they continue the long tradition of community, if not, a family atmosphere.

All fans of Tex-Mex, American (new), and truly healthy fare will enjoy all the tastes & sensations which span their menu. Macho Bean Kitchen builds on familiar Tex-Mex & Latin dishes including Cilantro Lime Pollo Bowl, Tex-Mex Power Bowl and elevates them to something quite remarkable while offering great options such as Veggie Mex-Pizza and Mexican Tuna Corn Salad. Kenna and Yazmin both come from a proud tradition of excellence in everything that is served.

Macho Bean Kitchen will offer appetizing and varied breakfast, lunch, and dinner options that will be prepared fresh daily, directly on the premises with respect to the customers’ preferences and at an excellent price.

“When you prepare a meal for others, with warmth in your heart, you are letting them know they are family”

                                                                                    –Yazmin & Kenna

“In general, there are three things guests notice about Macho Bean Kitchen during their first time eating there – Food, Service, and Atmosphere.”

                                                                                    –Long-time patron

Café opens 5 May in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Drawings for five $20 gift cards at winner’s choice of 50 top retailers! A not to miss event!

Please direct all inquiries to Member Relations (Tim Clark) until after the Grand Opening.


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