Member Communication Policy

We recognize that the way we communicate information has not been uniform and that has caused at best confusion and often deep frustration. This is meant to correct that and streamline our communications.

The system of record, as for most businesses, will always be our website. This is so those that do not have smart phones will know that the information on the website is what we rely upon and, therefore, is accurate.

Holiday Hours:

An SMS text message will be sent with a link to the hours on our website. And only three signs will be posted at the front desk in protective stands; one at each computer station.

Permanent Changes to Hours:

Will be posted to the website and a link to the hours on the website will be sent SMS text.

Changes to our Operations or Club Clean-Up:

Will be posted to the Members Only page on the website and a SMS text will be sent with a link to that private page.

We are sorry that it has taken us so long to publish this and clear-up any confusion.

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