One Combat Academy Adds Boxing Programs!

Punching For Parkinson’s Boxing Program

Neurologists and MDS (Movement Disorder Specialists) state that Boxing is an important way to slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.  Boxing not only improves the cardiovascular system but it also promotes balance that reduces falls.

Women’ Boxing Program

Our Women’s boxing program is a great place for women to train together in safe environment. You will learn how to defend yourself while getting into great shape or maintaining great shape.

Youth Boxing Program

Our youth boxing program is designed to give your child a head start on their boxer career. It is also great to build respect, discipline, physical and mental wellbeing and to develop a strong work ethic.

Competition Boxing Program

Our competition boxing program is designed to help you get your hand raised in the ring. Under the championship guidance of our Coach Wilch, you will not only get physically and mentally ready, but you will also get technically ready. Join our competition team today and start your boxing journey!