Stretching Importance

Indefatigable [ˌindəˈfadəɡəb(ə)l] – A person or their efforts persisting tirelessly.

Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine as a Professional Fitness Trainer, I have recently been certified in Supplements, Behavior, Nutrition, Integrated Core Training, Hypertrophy Training, Flexibility Training and Neuromuscular Stretching. These efforts 2 better myself for Four Seasons and my clients.  
Dare 2B Great is more than just physical. It is pushing yourself 2 places you have never imagined possible. You 2 can B indefatigABLE.

Check back often 2B educated in not only stretching, but workouts, nutrition and supplements!

“We will not lose. We will ascend. We will OVERCOME, and B DIFFERENT. We will DARE 2B GREAT. We are…2B Imperium.”

**If interested, please reach out 2 receive a full list of all of Cody’s credentials and certifications**

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