The Little Things Do Make a Difference

It’s the little things that can make a big difference in life, happiness, and each of our days. Many folks will admit they don’t think you need to mind the little things. They say you can look past them, shrug, and continue with life as if they never happened. But what these people don’t know is that the little things really do matter. The small act of being remembered when you walk into a place where you are greeted by name and with sincere interest in how you and yours are getting along. Having your absence from a regular haunt noticed and receiving that telephone call checking in on you. These small acts of love daily mean far more than something extravagant or splashy once a year on Valentines Day.

The oft forgotten truism that small things can make things happen is indeed true. Individual opinions taken as a group foster change such as ours to replace our machine equipment, new carpeting, and renovations in aquatics. It’s those opinions grouped that help us order and prioritize initiatives and ensures that the decisions we take are not done so in a vacuum. Unequivocally, small things make things happen—remember even the biggest of doors swing on small hinges and without those small hinges they wouldn’t swing at all.

Four Seasons believes that the little things do matter and taken together add up to significant momentum and progress. We believe these small things that we do each and every day express what we believe absolutely—our member are important, they matter, and Four Seasons cares about you.

Thank you for being a part of our local business for the past 35 years!