A Dizzying Array of Change

Four Seasons is proud to be making such an impressive number of improvements and investments into our local business. The following are just a few of the projects already completed within the last year.

  • New carpeting throughout Central campus
  • Four Seasons app
  • Two new roofs
  • New childcare ADA bathroom
  • Inclusiveness Assessment with Siouxland District Health and Four Special/Adaptive Needs Certifications

With our current projects including:

  • New carpeting at Morningside
  • New fence for pool sun deck
  • New tile in men’s locker room and aquatics entrance
  • All new machine equipment
  • New sauna

While we are proud of all these projects we have completed or are undertaking, it is our membership that deserves thanks. From their feedback in our survey system, input from our Member Advisory Board, and impromptu conversations Four Seasons was able to learn the member journey, needed changes, and prioritize those changes based upon member direction. In our 35 years we have learned that we will always be our best when we turn toward our membership for guidance. Listen, learn, and then lead–when we deviate from that our forward momentum flags and that is something we cannot ask our membership to accept.