1. Court Usage Policy
    No black soled shoes or shoes that may mar the court surface may be worn on any courts. Proper language and etiquette is to be observed at all times. This includes yelling, screaming, trash talk, and relinquishing courts on schedule. Violators will be asked to leave.
  2. Absolutely no hanging from the rims.
  3. During adult basketball, courts are restricted to members 18 years of age and older. Members 13 – 17 years of age are allowed on the courts during these times only when adults are not waiting to play. This pertains to member, 9 years old and under as well.
  4. Only during open basketball may children 10 – 12 years of age be on the courts unsupervised. Parents or a guardian/family member must always remain in the building.
  5. Children who are members, 9 years old and under, must always be in the youth activities building or under direct supervision of an adult when on the basketball court. Direct supervision of a child means that the child is close enough to the parent for quick physical contact and/or voice contact at normal speaking levels.
  6. Court 1 will be reserved for volleyball usage during scheduled times if adequate interest exists. Court 1 is located on the east end nearest the racquetball courts.
  7. Courts 2 & 3 will have priority for basketball pick-up games. Court 1 will have ½ pick-up and ½ open shooting unless there is no open demand. Four Seasons reserves the right to enforce a half-court policy when applicable.
  8. Basketball leagues are available throughout the year. Usage is strictly restricted to members only. When leagues are in session the following court schedule will be followed.
    1. Court 1 – General Play/Free Shooting
    2. Court 2 – Pick-up Play
    3. Court 3 – Basketball Leagues

Pick-up Game Rules
Rules for pick up play. Games are scored by two and three points at a time, up to 21. Win by one point. Teams will be determined by shooting a three pointer, the first four players to make a three pointer constitute one team. The same procedure goes for the second team. Under no circumstances should teams be hand picked.

On the first court in which a game is finished, the losing team must leave the court. If there are four players waiting, they must go to the first available court. If there are not 4 players waiting, the players that were waiting (1, 2, or 3) are automatically in the next game (on the next available court). The losing team then shoots for the remaining spots available. This procedure will continue throughout the pick-up game time.

When a losing team walks off and is finished playing the winners on one court can play the winners on the other court. This can only happen if there are no other players waiting to play.


Volleyball & Pickleball nets are available upon request. Certain courts and times apply. Please see our schedule for courts and times available.

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