Four Seasons Health Club provides exceptional value for its members. Nearly all our memberships include our Fitness on Demand virtual video library, Preventative Health Screening & Wellness Coaching, Tanning, and Childcare. There is a difference between a gym and a fitness and wellness center. Four Seasons Health Club wants to be your Wellness Partner. Please call us at Central 712.255.7659 regarding our programs and ask about our Corporate Account discounts.

The following prices reflect the standard pricing. You may save ten (10) percent by using our join online option instead of joining in-person .

Preventative Screening & Wellness

The Wellness Screening is done by MercyOne Occupational Health and includes a Blood Draw (Venous or finger poke), a Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist Measurement and a Blood Pressure reading. The finger poke consists of an instant cholesterol (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, and triglycerides) and glucose test using a CardioChek machine.

Note:  Venous Blood Draw includes total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, glucose.  The venous blood draw will be sent to the lab, this is an actual medical test and is reviewed by Dr. Cassens.  These results can be used to help identify health problems such as diabetes and heart disease.

If your fasting glucose result is 126 or greater, you will be offered a Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) Screening 

(An HbA1C lab test reflects the average amount of sugar in the blood over the past 3 months. It shows how well blood glucose (blood sugar) is controlled. The normal level is less than 6%. Most people with diabetes should have an HbA1C of less than 7%.)

Three telephonic Wellness Coaching sessions (certified coaches).

Fitness on Demand

Now Available On-The-Go

Can’t make it to the gym? No problem! Stream FitnessOnDemand TM virtual workouts directly from your phone or computer, where ever you are.

  • Hundreds of classes from the World’s top instructors
  • Available 24/7
  • Strength. Cardio. Yoga. HIIT + more!


Ask us how to get on-the-go access!


All staff well versed in Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

  • Trading Post with all sorts of prizes for children
  • Book Reading Club with prizes
  • Fit Kids with Live-Streaming 
  • 5-2-1-0 Healthy Choices Site


Four Seasons offers tanning as part of all memberships.

Note: Due to state laws regarding use of tanning facilities in Iowa, a person cannot tan until 48 hours has elapsed from there last tanning session.

Tanning is on-demand and first-come-first-served basis. One session may be scheduled per day.

Goggles must be always worn while tanning. You may be asked to show proof of goggles before tanning. If goggles are not present you may be asked to purchase a pair from the pro shop or refrain from tanning.

The State of Iowa prohibits the use of tanning facilities that are not accompanied by a certified tanning operator.

Additional Amenities

  • Four locations in the metro area
  • 24-hour access at satellite locations
  • Free childcare
  • Indoor track
  • Over 70 free classes every week
  • World class Aquatics Department
  • Group Ride
  • Zumba
  • Onsite nurse
  • Yoga
  • Dry saunas
  • Steam room
  • Café *
  • Personal trainers/nutritionist*
  • Wrestling*
  • Jiu Jitsu*
  • Mixed Martial Arts*
  • Tennis*
  • Racquetball*
  • Two massage therapists*
  • And much more


*some additional cost

All memberships subject to sales tax


Joining online saves 10% off the listed price

Single$45.82/moSpouse add-on$29.00/mo
1st child$10.00/moAdditional child$5.00/mo
Single Family$45.82/mo1st child$20.00/mo
Additional children$5.00/mo

*Children 19 years and under are permitted under a family or single/family membership. Once a child turns 20 they can obtain a student or regular membership. For those children attending school, Four Seasons regularly offers students’ week, month and summer memberships.


Joining online saves 10% off the listed price

Single Fitness$23.00/moSingle + 1$46.00/mo

55+ Rates

Joining online saves 10% off the listed price

Single Aquatics & Fitness $30.00/mo Couple Aquatics & Fitness $50.00/mo


Joining online saves 10% off the listed price

Single Fitness$30.00/mo


Joining online saves 10% off the listed price



Joining online saves 10% off the listed price

Four Seasons values its affiliations with local businesses, city, county and federal institutions. To honor those relationships we offer discounted membership rates to those business and organizations. If you are not sure whether your business has a corporate relationship please inquire with membership services. If you are an employer/employee and would like to know more information on getting a corporate account please call and ask for  the Corporate Sales Director.

Single$40.82/moSpouse add-on$28.00/mo
Children ea.$5.00/mo
Single Family$40.82/mo1st child add-on$10.00/mo
Additional children$5.00/mo

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