One Combat Academy

Press Release

May be released 6/3/2020

One Combat Academy Under New Management

One Combat Academy is a local Mixed Martial Art (MMA) group that trains out of Four Seasons main campus.

Aaron Iacino bought the programs on 6/1/2020 and is the new manager. Iacino previously was a volunteer instructor there teaching self-defense and kickboxing.

One of their competitors, Drako Rodriguez has been selected to compete in the highest level of the sport which is the UFC

Program offerings include:

Krav Maga (self-defense)


Muay Thai Kickboxing


Brazilian Jujitsu

They offer classes Monday through Friday evenings and on Saturdays during the daytime. They have classes for kids, adults and families. They specialize in helping those with martial arts goals of fitness, self-defense and high-level competition

For more information or questions, please contact Aaron Iacino at 712-898-0394