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Your Opinion Matters!

Just reaching out to say ‘hello’ and see how you are doing. We understand that the world is still a bit crazy and we would

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Luke Jensen!

Luke Jensen is returning to Siouxland Sunday, 18 April! Luke is the 1993 French Open doubles champion and is currently an ESPN analyst. He will

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Life Celebration

Dear Members, I write to let you know that a long-term member and friend who dedicated her life to helping others passed away last week.

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Boogeyman Dean Lister!

Don’t miss the chance to train with the Boogeyman Dean Lister on April 17th 2021. This three-hour (12pm-3pm) action-packed seminar will be held in Sioux

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Letter to Members

Dear Members, I write to you to let you know that we are replacing the carpeting in our Central locker rooms and that will be

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Four Seasons/FiberComm

We have begun a project to have all of our facilities running on fiber optics with FiberComm. This project has already begun with our Pierce

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