To keep informed of the Four Seasons tennis program, please make use of the following ideas.

  1. New member evaluation – Schedule a ½ hour evaluation with one of our pros to determine level to get you started in league play, random court time, or permanent court time (PCT). We want you to feel comfortable and enjoy your tennis. Our job is to get you playing! Please note the tennis bulletin board for updates on leagues, tournaments and special events.
  2. Food and beverages should not be brought into the tennis court area.
  3. Black soles running/cross training shoes or soles that may mar the court surface may not be worn on the courts.
  4. Shirts should be worn at all times. Proper language and etiquette is to be observed at all times. This includes exiting courts on schedule through the proper exits.
  5. All members/visitors of the club are to check in at the front desk when entering the club and use the front doors to enter/exit the tennis building. The doors in the tennis building are for emergency exits only and to protect the members from improper use.
  6. The tennis balls in the teaching carts are left out for member use. It would be appreciated if all members that take advantage of the privilege to please pick up all balls (both on the court and behind the curtain) and return the carts to their proper place behind the curtains.


  1. The three indoor courts and two outdoor courts may be reserved up to 1½ hours per day during prime time and 2 hours during non-prime time. Extension of play may be scheduled after the time permitted, provided there are available courts.
  2. Courts may be reserved up to four days in advance, limited to one advance reservation (i.e. a person may call on Thursday to reserve a court for Monday). All players (first and last names) using the court must be given at the time reservation is made.
  3. Reserved courts must be cancelled at least two hours in advance. Lessons must be cancelled at least 6hours in advance. If proper notice is not given, the current charges/lesson rate will be charged and will result in a no-show.
  4. Anyone failing to show up for a court time will be charged a no-show fee at the current session rate. Three no-shows will put that player on probation and his/her reservation right may be removed. Reservations will be held no more than ten minutes after the starting times.
  5. Reservations can be made in person or by telephone during the normal Club hours.
  6. Reservations are equally available to all Club members who are at least 13 years or age.


The Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring sessions have prime time hours which run from 5-9p.m. Monday thru Thursday. All random court players are charged full price court charges during prime time.

  1. Singles court rates: $15.00/hr + tax/court
  2. Doubles court rates: $20.00/hr + tax/court

Half price court rates are available at various times throughout the week. during the Fall/Winter and Winter/Spring sessions only.

  1. Early Bird 6:30-9:00a.m. Mon- Friday
  2. Early Bird 8:00-10:00a.m. Sunday

During the Summer Session (Memorial Day thru Labor Day), there are no prime time hours or half court rates on outdoor tennis courts only.

  1. Singles court rates: $5.00/hr + tax/court
  2. Doubles court rates: $5.00/hr + tax/court


Play Package is a special program that allows member to play as often as they want during non-prime time hours without paying court costs. Members will still be charged if they choose to play during prime time.

  1. The cost of Play package is $38.50/mo. plus tax, per person for 12 months or $420.00 plus tax, per year if paid in advance. Play package is a full 12 month commitment.
  2. If you are on Play Package and also playing in a league the following policies will apply:
    1. If your league is scheduled during non- prime time, you will not be charged court fees.
    2. You will be expected to pay the league fee of $18.00 plus tax, which includes administration costs, tennis balls and awards at the end of the league.
    3. If your league is scheduled during prime time, you will be charged ½ court fees.
    4. This consideration for people on Play Package enables the club to offer stronger and more competitive leagues during prime time hours.
  3. If you are on Play Package and also have a permanent court time the following policies will apply:
    1. If the court time is during non-prime time you will pay no court fees.
    2. If the court time is during prime time you will be charged regular court rate fees.
  4. Substitutions: During permanent court time, if a member substitutes for a member that has play package, the substitute will be expected to pay their portion of the court charge. The only situations in which a substitute is not charged would be if:
    1. The substitute has play package.
    2. Both parties involved do not have play package since the court has already been paid.

These apply only if the permanent court time occurs during non-prime time hours since everyone, play package or not, is charged full price during prime time.


Permanent court time (PCT) is a unique opportunity to reserve a tennis court time at the same time every week for that session.

  1. PCT will have three sessions:
    1. Fall/Winter – (September – December)
    2. Winter/Spring – (January – May)
    3. Summer – (June – August)
  2. Members will be billed in advance for their portion of the court fee. This amount to the hourly court fee, times the number of weeks in that session, divided by the number of members registered to that court. All fees will be billed in the first month of the session. These fees are then due by the 31st of the following month. Members who purchase a non-prime time play package, will not be billed for court fees, unless the permanent court time is during prime time.
  3. The Club will attempt to honor, but does not guarantee requests for specific courts.
  4. The court captain is responsible for furnishing a schedule with all names, in writing, of all members of the group and for notifying the club of any charges in that group. All players must sign a PCT agreement contract and be members of Four Seasons Health Club as well as be current of all previous PCT billing charges.
  5. Please note that if any changes in the group occur after billing has been issued, the members of the group must handle any financial adjustments.
  6. The club reserves the right, on occasion, to assign PCT holders to alternate courts.
  7. All PCT participants will be allowed a “one time change” during each session.
  8. Renewals which guarantee that you may keep your current PCT for the following session, must be received by a specific date that will be determined by the Tennis Director.


  1. Tennis leagues will be offered throughout the entire year. You must be a member of Four Seasons Health Club to participate in any league.
  2. Each person who participates in a league will be charged a one time league fee of $18.00 plus tax to cover administration costs, tennis balls, and awards. Court fees will be billed in two installments in each of January and February.
  3. Once the league has started the league is non-refundable.
  4. The $18.00 league fee is not dependent upon the number of players or length of the league.
  5. A league match consists of the best two out of three sets, no-ad scoring and a 12-point tie breaker at 6-6.
  6. Players must record their scores and return the score sheet to the front desk when finished.
  7. If a league match needs to be canceled the member needs to notify their opponent first, then the Club as to whether or not you would like to keep the court. Cancellations need to be at least 2 hrs before match time. Failure to cancel in advance will result in a “no-show”.
  8. A player is allowed 3 no-shows, and then he/she is removed from the league without reimbursement for the remainder of that league session.
  9. For singles matches, players are required to reschedule any match that they are unable to make before the end of the league. For doubles, call a player who is off that night to sub, then call the club and inform the front desk of the changes. If time allows the league supervisor will try to find a substitute.
  10. If a play package member substitutes for a league during prime time, the member will be charged ½ price court charges. (Note, this is different from PCT charges as full price court charges occur).


  1. Lessons are offered to juniors as well as adults on a regular basis throughout the year. Lessons are provided to members and/or non-members.
  2. For current rates for private or group lessons, please contact a member of the tennis staff.
  3. Lesson cancellations must be made at least 6 hours in advance to avoid being charged.
  4. The Club offers some special program in which a player does not have to be a member of the club to take lessons.


The ball machine is available for rental by contacting the Club for a reservation. Members wishing to rent the ball machine for the first time should consult with a member of the tennis staff to explain it’s many functions. We do ask that players pick up the tennis balls and leave the court in a clean condition upon finishing. The rental fees during non-prime time are as follows, this includes court time:

  1. $18.00/hr plus tax per person
  2. $ 8.00/hr plus tax per person for members on Play Package

Tennis questions can be directed toward Nabil Sorathia. (712-255-7659)