Belonging and Community

We are hardwired for connection; We long for friends, family, and colleagues and this past year has played havoc with our mental health simply because we’re missing our people—terribly. We all need to belong but belonging is more than being a part of a group. Jonathan Haidt calls this ”vital engagement.” It is a web of relationships and a sense of community in which you feel connected with activity, tradition, and the group itself.

Jeanine Stewart, senior consultant with the Neuroleadership Institute says when we share a sense of social identity with a group, we can lean in, use our strengths and be authentically who we are. “Being surrounded by other human beings doesn’t guarantee a sense of belonging. Belonging has to do with identification as a member of a group and the higher quality interactions which come from that. It’s the interactions over time which are supportive of us as full, authentic human beings.”

Belonging is a fundamental part of being human: We need people, and this need is hardwired into our brains. Four Seasons is intentional in creating belonging. We embrace different groups, we are authentic, and accepting.

Four Seasons is about your physical health and fitness and your mental and emotional fitness. Come visit Four Seasons and experience community today!