More Harmful than Helpful

We will break down a few of these misinterpreted healthy snacks that are more harmful than helpful.

Friend or Foe?


This is the hardest side or snack for me to give up. It’s so good, plus it has protein and calcium. But it is also dense with fat. Remember, 9 calories per gram of fat and cheese is basically a sexy fat cube. You just want more and more. Take baby steps and start going for 2% fat versus whole. Take it another step and cut those portions in half. When I get frustrated with my own personal progress, I have found that, sadly, cheese is the one thing that kept me from reaching my next goal.

Dried Fruit

Another word would be candy, based on the sugar content. What does that mean? Yes, fruit COULD make you fat. Dried fruit is much easier 2 go overboard with versus fresh fruit because of its sheer size. There is no water, so it leaves you with sugar and calories. Not just natural sugars as in fresh fruit but added sugars. By now you are aware of the impact sugar has on our weight loss efforts by altering the blood sugars in our bodies and halting any burning stored fat for energy. It also produces more intense cravings. Go with fresh whole fruit or at the very least, make your own. Remember, you have the power. Take control.

Energy Bars

Not all are created equal. Nothing truer than the ultimate “healthy” snack for dieters and athletes/weightlifters. The energy or protein bar is certainly an area I know all 2 well. Most of these bars, including granola bars, are just like candy bars with a different and “sporty” name. Loaded with sugar and calories. On average, most of your bars will have 200-300 calories and I have seen some up as high as 500 plus. Truth is, from experience, they do not satisfy like lean chicken and have more $hi++y calories added 2 the mix. When on the go, look for something with high fiber and high protein. You want low sugar counts. As a side note, many “low carb” bars contain sugar alcohols which could seriously mess with certain individual’s digestive tracks.

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