January Jamboree Announced (sign up at front desk)

We know that nutrition, hydration, sleep, and physical activity combined provide the best version of ourselves with many positive benefits. But we are also realistic and understand that real, lasting-change only comes incrementally—small steps. Our challenge in 2022 only focused on physical activity and with this challenge we are adding nutrition to physical activity.


Wellness Coach/General Part:

  1. All participants will have one of our instructors as a coach to check-in with weekly. Their role is one of support; not to set goals for anyone nor to enforce goals you set—only to support.
  2. All participants will be able to bring a non-member with them for the entire 6 weeks for only $20! Should they decide to join the non-member will receive a $25 gift card at the retailer of their choice. Clearly, this is to encourage membership but also a gift since the prizes for the Jamboree are reserved for members.

Exercise Part:

  1. A point will be given for every land or water-based class taken that Four Seasons offers free to the membership each week.
  2. To track this, members must enroll in every class ahead of time via the app or member portal because (this is a new step) when you scan in at the front desk you must tell the staff to also check you into the class you will be going to each visit. This step is necessary so that our member management software tracks all activities and will generate an accurate report. We have reached a participation level in which manually tabulating each person’s classes is not feasible.

Nutrition Part:

  1. It’s recommended that you read the Harvard and Mayo articles, which are a quick read, the links follow and are also on the blog post titled January Jamboree on the Four Seasons website:

https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/calorie-counting-made-easy https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/weight-loss/in-depth/calorie-calculator/itt-20402304

  • Set your nutrition goal/s that you think are reasonable and achievable.
  • We really like the following app for tracking nutrition and fitness because it is comprehensive and intuitive. https://www.myfitnesspal.com/
  • For the challenge we will consider Sunday the start of the week. You will send your coach your nutrition tally i.e., 4 met my goal M, T, W, Th. You need only send the number. Some examples of nutrition goals are:
    • Caloric intake, eating cleaner foods, less eating out, fewer processed foods
  • Cody Rininger of 2B Imperium has a professional nutrition package that may be of interest to some. The desk staff can provide his number.
2B Imperium – Nutrition

Prizes Part (members only):

1st Gas for a year! ($20/month reloadable card)

2nd $100 gift card at your choice of retailer

3rd $50 gift card at your choice of retailer

All participants will be entered into multiple drawings for an array of gifts


  • Inbody230 full body composition assessments performed by MercyOne at Central campus are now included with membership. The next one is scheduled for January 18th 3-6 PM & 19th 6:30-9:30 AM all are encouraged to register with the front desk. An infographic is included explaining the Inbody230.
  • During the challenge the Jamboree logo will be randomly placed somewhere in the club. Find it, write your name on it, give it to Tim or the front desk and you will get 5 extra points (two chances weekly). Look for the following image:
Logo to look for to win extra points!

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